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Wedding day is so special and no doubt you want to be confident about your hair style and makeup.

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Feel confident on your wedding day that you’re in safe hands. Let us guide you step by step through the perfect look created just for you. You will receive a free consultation and we’ll agree on what suits you best according to your skin color, eye and face shape, along with your hair length, style and condition. We look forward to be part of your wedding day.

Principle Artist

Makeup services offer professional cosmetic applications for all occasions, from everyday looks to special events. Experienced artists use quality products to enhance natural beauty, ensuring a tailored and lasting finish with services like foundation, eye makeup, contouring, and lip color.

Party Makeup (Soft) Rs.8000

Soft party makeup features natural tones, light foundation, and subtle eyeshadow. Hairstyles are simple and elegant, such as soft curls or updos. Eyelashes are naturally enhanced, and nail paint is in soft pastel or nude shades for a cohesive, understated look.

Party Makeup (Glam) Rs.10000

Glam party makeup is bold and shimmering, featuring dramatic eyeshadows, winged eyeliner, and a vibrant lip color. Hairstyling is usually voluminous or sleek to match the makeup's intensity. Long, thick false eyelashes enhance the eyes, while bold or glittery nail paint completes the glamorous look.

Model Makeup Rs.15000

The model's look combines elegance and trendiness. Her makeup features a smooth, radiant base, with subtle contouring and natural blush. Her eyes are highlighted with smoky eyeshadows, winged eyeliner, and voluminous false eyelashes. Lips are in a neutral tone. Her hairstyle is a chic, sleek updo. Completing the look, her nails are painted in a glossy deep red, adding a sophisticated touch.

Engagement Makeup Rs.20000

"For an engagement makeup, the look is romantic and glowing. The makeup includes a luminous foundation, soft blush, and subtle eye makeup with defining eyelashes. The hairstyle is elegantly styled, and nails are painted in a complementary, delicate shade, adding a touch of sophistication."

Nikkah Makeup Rs.20000

For a Nikah ceremony, the makeup look is elegant and refined. It includes a flawless foundation, soft blush, and captivating eye makeup with elegant eyelashes. The hairstyle is a sophisticated updo or soft curls. Nails are painted in a subtle shade. The dupatta and jewelry are set gracefully, enhancing the bride's natural beauty and the ceremony's traditional essence.

Mehndi Makeup Rs.25000

For a Mehndi ceremony, the makeup is vibrant with a glowing foundation and colorful eyeshadow, enhanced by dramatic eyelashes. The hairstyle is festive and adorned with accessories. Nails are painted in bright hues. The dupatta and jewelry are set to complement the lively theme, and intricate mehndi designs adorn the hands and feet, completing the celebratory look.

Bridal Makeup Rs.30000

For bridal makeup, the style is elegant with a flawless base and captivating eye makeup highlighted by voluminous eyelashes. The hairstyle is sophisticated, perfectly complementing the makeup. Jewelry and dupatta are set with finesse for a regal look, and nails are painted in a subtle shade to complete the stunning bridal ensemble.

Bridal Makeup & Services Rs.35000

For a complete bridal makeover, the approach is holistic and detailed. It begins with a whitening facial to brighten and even out the skin tone, followed by a gentle whitening bleach for a radiant complexion. The makeup is skillfully applied, featuring a flawless base, striking eye makeup with full eyelashes, and a color palette that complements the bride's natural beauty. The hairstyle is an elegant creation, tailored to enhance the facial features. Jewelry and the dupatta are artfully set, adding to the regal appearance. Nails receive a meticulous manicure and pedicure, often accompanied by delicate mehndi designs. Waxing for full arms and legs ensures a smooth look, while threading gives the face a neat, polished finish. This comprehensive regimen ensures the bride looks and feels her best on her special day.

Waleema Makeup Rs.30000

For a Walima ceremony, the makeup is sophisticated with a modern twist. It features a flawless base, elegantly highlighted cheeks, and soft, subtle eye makeup accentuated with full eyelashes for a refined look. The hairstyle is chic and polished, often in a graceful updo or flowing waves, complementing the makeup. Jewelry is tastefully arranged to add a touch of glamour, while the dupatta is draped stylishly, enhancing the overall ensemble. Nails are painted in a delicate, refined color, completing the elegant and contemporary Walima appearance.


Signature makeup refers to a distinctive style of makeup that becomes a person's trademark look. It often reflects their personality, preferences, and lifestyle. This style is consistently worn and is easily recognizable by others. For example, a person's signature makeup might be bold red lipstick with minimal eye makeup, or it could be a dramatic smokey eye with nude lips. The key elements in signature makeup are consistency, distinctiveness, and personal expression. This makeup style is less about following trends and more about embracing what works best for the individual, making it a unique and personal statement.

Party Makeup Rs.20000
Model Makeup Rs.25000
Engagement Makeup Rs.35000
Nikkah Makeup Rs.35000
Mehndi Makeup Rs.35000
Bridal Makeup Rs.60000
Bridal Makeup & Services Rs.75000
Waleema Makeup 50000
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