Bridal Beauty Appointments You Need To Make Before Your Wedding!

We haven't met a bride who doesn't want to look her best on her wedding day, and well, if you do want to, then follow this beauty timeline of sorts, which tells you when and what to do to get your bridal beauty sorted for your big day! Yup, right from your teeth to your hair, this one has the right time to get all beauty-related things done in time for your wedding, and with enough buffer time in hand to make sure emergencies are taken care of as well!
Nutritionist or Dietician: 8 months before the wedding
Now this one is optional, but since most of us want to be thinner and more glowing on the wedding day, it's only right to do it the right way, which is with professional help! See a nutritionist beforehand who can guide you on losing weight without losing the glow the proper way- without crash or fad diets!
Dentist: 3 months before the wedding
Your smile is gonna matter a lot on your wedding, and getting your teeth deep cleaned and whitened before your wedding is a good idea, especially if you're dealing with stains or yellow teeth! Your dentist can also recommend some products to help you retain that mega-watt smile till the wedding!
Hair Stylist: 1-3 months before the wedding
Most brides prefer growing out their hair for the wedding, but get a trim about 2-3 months before the wedding to make sure you have no split ends and dry ends. If you want to get your hair colored, keep some time in hand so that you can see if it works for you or get any tweaks later on!
Bridal Facial: 1 week- 1o days before the wedding
Keep some gap between the facial and the wedding so that you can give your skin a rest in case it reacts badly- bridal facials are expensive, but there's a small chance it might not suit you, so keep some time in hand for small zits or rashes to subside.  
Waxing, Threading and Tweezing: 3-4 days before the wedding
This is to make sure that you are groomed properly without any stray hair- do not get too experimental with your brows so close to the wedding, just a little shape and getting rid of the strays! You can make sure the redness subsides well in time by doing it a couple of days before the wedding.
Pedicure and Manicure: 1-2 days before the wedding
Since your hands and feet are gonna be photographed extensively with the Mehndi and all, make sure you have them all prettied up a day or two before the functions start!